New Normal & Workshops

Since reopening Mayan Monkey Mijas at the end of July 2020, safety, flexbility & innovation have been our focus.

As part of our Covid-safe Space & Experience Protocol, all workshops are now fully private, which means the only ones participating in your particular workshop will be your group and your Chocolatier.
This is not a legal requirement, however, we prefer to go above and beyond since, not only does this make for a much safer visit, but also a more relaxed, intimate and enjoyable experience in which you get to enjoy the undivided attention of your Chocolatier just for you! 
Due to ever-changing covid restrictions, and their impact on our opening hours, group sizes, etc, as well as to to ensure we have availability, please book in advance.

Maybe we can't travel very far in the New Normal, but we can certainly travel deep!
we have been busy developing new "Limited Edition" workshops in order to keep things fun & funky for you. Instead of coming to do the same workshop over and over again, you can now take a brand new workshop every 6 weeks or so. These "Limited Edition" workshops are seasonal in nature, e.g. "Christmas Creatures Workshop", Valentines Workshop", "Easter Egg Workshop", "Dragons & Donkeys Workshop", etc...



Our fun, introductory workshop consists of designing, moulding and decorating three delicious bars of chocolate.
First of all, you choose the ingredients you
would like to decorate your bars with (there are OVER FIFTY available!): dried nuts (e.g. pistachio, almonds, cashews), fruits (e.g. cranberries, papaya, coconut), seeds (e.g. poppy, sesame, sunflower), chocolate drops, essential oils (e.g. bergamot, mint, lemon), spices (e.g. chilli, ginger, nutmeg) etc....
Then choose from our organic & ethically sourced chocolate: dark, regular milk, white & vegan milk chocolates

Duration: 20 minutes 

2 - 3 participants: 14.95€ pp
4 - 9 participants: 12.95€ pp
10+ participants: 11.95€ pp



Spend an hour inside the factory, make three bars of chocolate, learn the art of making caramel centred bonbons, decorate your very own truffles, make a "hot-chocolat-on-a-stick" and dip fruits.  Fantastic fun for the family. Children under the age of ten need to be accompanied by a ticket-holding adult.

29.95€ per person. Minimum of four people - call now on +34 633 422 167 to reserve your space. 



Experience roasting the beans and transforming them into cups of delicious hot-chocolates, have a team-building session at our factory. Experience wine-tasting and chocolate making in action packed sessions which are hugely enjoyable.

Call now on +34 633 422 167 to find out more.



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